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Our Mission

The Montclair Blues Youth Rugby Inc. will provide a forum to teach, practice and play games of rugby for the children of Montclair, NJ and surrounding towns.  We will grow the game of rugby in NJ, generally.  Flag rugby is a co-educational sport in the youth age groups, and we believe that girls and boys playing together like this fosters respect for each others' abilities at a young age.  While we focus on the fun aspects of the game, our parent coaches are experienced players and teach solid skills that will be the foundation of their rugby skills in the future.  We focus on sportsmanship (for instance, we insist on respect for other players and the referees -- there is no tolerance for backchat to referees or other players in youth rugby) and we teach safety (we require all coaches to complete a concussion/head safety course).  Our goal is to grow the program so that we can offer rugby coaching and playing for high school age children as they age up from the youth flag program.  We will provide scholarships for the members of the community unable to pay the registration fee or purchase a uniforms.  For Montclair Blues Youth Rugby Inc.:

Everyone learns, everyone plays, everyone scores!

History and Future of Montclair Blues Youth Rugby

History and Future

We're in this together!

The Montclair Blues were founded in 2015 by Montclair parents who had coached for many years at the Montville Wanderers, a team in the Morris Rugby League. These parents realized that many kids and families were travelling from Montclair to Montville to play rugby a few times a week but that traveling to practice was a barrier to other Montclair families joining the fun.  So, the 6 Founding Circle members donated funds to start the club, and here we are!  2018 is the first year that Montclair Blues Youth Rugby Inc. has ventured out on its own, a separate entity from Morris Rugby.   Many thanks to Morris Rugby and our 6 Founding Members to get the ball rolling!

The Future of Montclair Blues Youth Rugby

Our volunteers are our future!  Our Coaches are volunteers, our Treasurer is a volunteer, our Co-Presidents are volunteers, the group lining the fields are volunteers, the woman handing out  uniforms is a volunteer, and the future of Montclair Blues Youth Rugby is in the hands of our volunteers....just like you.  Please help us with tasks large and small when asked.  Many hands make for light work....especially in an all volunteer organization!  Thanks.



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